Redefining the future of work

Zenjob is a mobile on-demand job platform that connects temporary workers and part-time jobs in professional fields like supermarket chains, hotels, offices, and restaurants. 
We developed the mobile applications to simplify job searching and recruiting services.

Design process

Our Design process at Goodpatch proposes that Designers and Developer are sitting next to each other and sharing one product vision. The designer is explaining the wireframes, the developer is reflecting and agreeing or giving concerns; both are thinking beyond their disciplines.

How to make a long onboarding process fun?

Imagine a regular job application with CV, photo, description e.g. – and now put this in an app-format. We had the challenge to create an in-app-registration process which felt short and fun. Cleaning up the unnecessary questions and making the rest fun with illustration, animations and short interactions, like less steps and clicks.

Exploring and managing your jobs

We came up with an overall structure for the service. The user is able to browse through new job offers and apply for these in one tap. In the other tap, the user is managing the jobs – finding the way, checking in and out, rating and maybe performing a task. This simple structure allows to focus in each tap and keeps the most urgent task obvious.

Quicker visual output

We moved pretty fast from low res to high res prototypes. To jump from wireframes to UI screens, the product team also needs a vision for all the visuals. Of course this is related to the over all product vision, but it’s compressed to a visual/ interactive level. The well known look and feel and different UI elements need to be defined at this point.

The right team setup

We teamed up with designers and developers for Android and iOS and of course backend developers, a CTO and a product owner to reach a holistic team. But to build a great product you need more than just the professions. You need all of their opinions and some nervous tension. No matter from which side this opinion comes from — client or us. When we start a project, there are no boundaries between these parties any more. We take our role and perspective and start the process. 
There are a lot of ups and downs, back and forth, user vs. business decisions. But an area of tension among professions is essential to push the product forward.

Native behavior on each platform

Goodpatch designed and developed the application on two platforms. Our devolopment team built two native apps. We started with and Beta on Android and brought the iOS to the same level with all the learning. After that we continue with the development and design on both platforms at the same level.