What do you see beyond the status quo?

Social conventions, standards, and common sense. How do these presumptions shape our perception of the world?


Could we bring to light all that influences our unconscious?

Change begins with courage.

It's demanding to uncover our biases.
It's tough to speak up against the norm.
However, it is when we find the courage to challenge the status quo that we push the world forward.


What is the first step in leaving our comfort zones? How might we use our voice to empower one another to do the same? How could we amplify the voices of others and give one to those without?

Beyond the Status Quo

Let's ask ourselves one more time.
What can we envision beyond the status quo?
Do we merely react to what comes our way, or should we shape our world into a desirable future for people and planet?


What futures come in sight when you look at the world through different lenses? What possibilities do new perspectives uncover?

Change begins with the courage to question and challenge the status quo.
What will you ask? What will you challenge? What future will you create?

September 1st, 2021

As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of Goodpatch, we thank all who have supported us throughout the decade, and are grateful for the progress we have made together.

To welcome a new decade is to welcome a new challenge. We title our challenge, Beyond the Status Quo.

These words encompass our continued ambition to challenge assumptions and create value that pushes the world forward.

Together, we will have the courage to change and leave the beaten path. Only then can we create a future that creates value for people and planet.