Mitte Water Companion App

Using IoT for cleaner, more eco-friendly water

Mitte is a rising health tech startup based in Berlin. The team has developed a home appliance that purifies water by replicating the natural purification process to produce water that is 60 times cleaner than standard filtration. After purification, the water is enriched with essential minerals that can be individually tailored for the taste and needs of the user. For Goodpatch it is very exciting to help Mitte develop on an IoT product with such great potential, awareness in the community (Kickstarter/Indigogo), and an impact on health.

Start with why

The challenge was to create a meaningful companion app for the water purification machine. But why does the user need an app for a home appliance? What is the benefit and how does this add value to the product? Our answer to these questions we faced in the beginning is to see the app as an extension of the hardware UI. In order to be able to maintain the pure and minimalistic design on the hardware side of things, there is a necessity of outsourcing some functionalities (Onboarding, Maintenance… ) to the app.

We were happy being able to talk with Moritz, the founder and CEO of Mitte in our Goodpatch Podcast. Tune in to hear more about the growing problem regarding our future water supply, the challenges of a hardware startup, and the advantages of Mitte water compared to other filter systems: (

From Concept to Development

With Mitte we were able to help the team with the right expertise throughout the whole process of product development. First, we introduced a process of rapid prototyping and user testing to shape the vision of the app. This vision was translated into a concrete concept we could use as a service blueprint. We then supported them with our core competencies: UX and UI design for both Android and iOS apps, as well as native app development.

Design Sprint

To deal with the uncertainty of truly innovative projects and to ensure that we take the whole picture into account, we started the project with a one week design sprint. By doing so, we ensured that we got a thorough understanding of the problem and possible solutions. On Monday, we mapped out the problem and picked a focus point. On Tuesday, we began sketching competing solutions on paper and continued on Wednesday by turning our ideas into testable hypotheses and storyboards. On Thursday, we produced a high fidelity prototype which we finally tested on Friday with real users from our identified target group.


We realized that one of the main purposes of the app is to serve as an enhancement of the machine’s user interface. The beauty of the hardware product comes also from its lack of a display. This is possible because a lot of features (Onboarding, Maintenance...) are now done through the app.

Based on our research, we identified the main needs: First, we learned that there is a huge need for personalisation. Our users are eager to learn about their body and their consumption and how they can improve personally. Our users also appreciate the concept of getting new mineral cartridges delivered automatically to their home without the trouble of manually ordering. They are also concerned about the environment and appreciate the social aspect of the product and how it gives back to the international community.

Personalize your water

Water is not just hot and cold but there are countless temperatures for special use cases in between. So we came up with the concept of „water recipes“. There are predefined ones (coffee, black tea, detox water…) in the App but there is also the possibility of customizing them and setting up your own water recipe.

Smart in more ways than one

Once automatic ordering is set up, the app detects when the cartridge is running low and automatically reorders a fresh one via the information stored in the app. This way, users will never run out of clean and healthy water again.

The big picture

We are all quite aware that clean water is a privilege in the developed world. Therefore, mitte is donating a day of clean water for every liter that is dispensed by your machine. With the app, users can check their personal contribution to the cause to provide clean water to those who need it the most.


The mitte Kickstarter campaign was a full success! With the help of 827 supporter our partner was able to raise 272.000€ and exceeded the funding goal (75.000€) by far. Congratulations from Goodpatch! We proud to support mitte in the future fulfilling their goal for clean and sustainable water and also say thank you to the many supporters who enable us to work on such a great product.