We are happy to share our first Product Crunch recordings with you. As our very own event series grows bigger and bigger we started filming it together with our new colleague Sophie (👋). From now on you can check out all our future talks as nice videos. Please feel free to share ahead, follow us on Youtube or Vimeo and join our Meetup Page to be a part of our next Product Crunch on February 21 – “Education Edition”!

Marco Land – Every day is throwback Thursday

Marco is an independent graphic designer specialising in printed and digital assets for the arts, architectural and cultural sectors. He studied communication design (guess where! 😎) and worked for studios in Berlin and New York. In addition to commissioned jobs, he continues to produce several self-iniated projects in the fields of graphic design and coding.

Please check: ccamera.org

Eray Basar – Designing a Creative Editor SDK

Computer scientist turned designer turned product manager, Eray has seen quite a lot while building products at 9elements, a software boutique based in Bochum & Berlin. His passion for code and design has finally found its master at img.ly (img.ly/), a 9elements spin-off, where he’s directing the development of tools for image processing and editing. Today, their first product – the PhotoEditor SDK – is already used by over 200 companies such as HP, Line and Shutterstock.

Louise From – Designing for Speed

Louise started out with a focus in graphic design and motion graphics, but has since moved into UI/UX design and brand-strategy. She worked and studied in Copenhagen prior to her move to Berlin almost 5 years ago to join SoundCloud, but after a stint as a Design Director with the agency Edenspiekermann, she has since joined EyeEm where she is currently working as a Senior Brand and Communications Designer. She has developed a strong interest in design processes and optimising workflows from working in often fast-paced environments, where pivoting and flexibility of creativity and creation are crucial. Aside from that she spends a lot of time on YouTube and aspires to one day to be able to fully communicate using gifs and emojis only.

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